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Internet Safety Tips:

Be careful when you get eMail asking to update financial records at eBay, PayPal or any other website. Bad people send messages that look legitimate in an attempt to get your private information.

If you get a message asking you to update your financial records, you should NEVER click on the links in the message even if you think the message is legitimate. Instead, manually type in the address to the website that's requesting the information and then update your records. That way you know for sure that you didn't follow a link to a fraudulent website.

Please use this section to find helpful information about your account and links to other websites that have additional information about owning and operating a website.
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Web Based eMail
If you have an account with Elgin Enterprises, you can check your eMail when you're on the road through our free web based eMail client. We use three different eMail servers. Please contact us to find out which one is required for your account:

Note: Please delete messages (and empty trash) that you don't need from your online "Inbox" and "Sent Mail" folder or additional web hosting fees may apply if your eMail account uses up too much space.