These self centering steering stabilizers work to eliminate rut tracking, wander and issues caused by wind. Once installed and adjusted, the customers love the huge difference it makes in driving their coach. Do yourself a favor and have us install a Safe T Plus on your RV TODAY!


When it comes to auxiliary tow car brakes there isn’t one on the market that is easier, simpler or more effective than the SMI. Whether your RV has air brakes or hydraulic brakes they have you covered. Once we install the system on ANY tow car of yours all you do is connect and go. No more getting on your knees in the rocks, no more mystery battery drains, no more uncertainty!


Perhaps the best customer service tool we have in our shop. Koni FSD Shocks make an amazing difference by smoothing out the roads you travel. Not only will you notice a transformation and far fewer squeaks and groans in your RV but you will love how much easier it is on you and your RV in and out of driveways! Have us install a set TODAY! We have your shocks in stock.

Aero Exhaust

This performance muffler has take the RV performance world by storm. When used in our Platinum Performance kit with the K&N Lifetime air filter, TS Performance Module, and the PRXB Pac Brake upgrade, our customers boast of gains of 100 HP, 15mph faster pulling hills and fuel economy of up to 3 more MPG.

K & N

K&Ns new Heavy Duty Air Filter line is specifically designed for your RV’s engine and engineered to give you years of trouble free performance. Our customers love K&N because they no longer have to purchase expensive paper filters every year and they say their engine runs better and gets better fuel economy.

Banks Power

We’re fortunate to have the factory support within 1 hour of us and if you want to improve your towing and pulling, there is no substitute for the smog legal, engineered products available from Banks Power!


PacBrake is an innovative company with products for your diesel and gas powered rig. From additional braking with their Exhaust and Load Leash brakes to on board air and air leveling, they have what you need to keep your RV safe and easy to drive.


If you want RV industry leadership and quality products look no further than Roadmaster. From towing to suspension, we look to Roadmaster for quality and integrity


For years Super Steer has led the industry in innovation by developing new products and solutions to improve the handling of your RV. Chances are, you have a Super Steer product on your RV!

MCD ShadesTired of the issues with dirty, pleated string shades? Select the best and have us install a custom set of MCD Shades today. From superior looks to impressive insulation, MCD has a shade system for you.

nitrexWe use medical grade liquid nitrogen for the simple reason it is the purest we can get. At 99.9% pure nitrogen the large vessel allows us to keep up our purity levels in each and every tire we do. Nitrogen is a favorite of the tire companies because it’s pure, clean, not contaminated and has virtually no moisture in it.

Dually Valves

These ingenious devices allow us to eliminate trouble prone valve stem extensions at the rear dual wheel of RV’s. The Dually valve system consists of 2 10” long valve stems for the inner rear wheels and 2 unique shaped valve stems for the outer rear wheels.

Why Dually Valves?

  • They rid your RV of the inevitable leak that your existing valve stem extension will cause.
  • They last forever.
  • Much easier to check your tire PSI.
  • Much more accurate reading when you do check your tire PSI

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