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This shop was very clean and did everything to make sure that they keep our couch clean also customer service was very help full and they got work out when they said they would.

Larry Zollinger

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Mike, just wanted to let you all know that I am very pleased with the performance of my Trek after you upgraded the suspension. I got the full test run during my 225 mile ride home up the grade on I-17 between Phoenix and Sedona. Lot’s of wind, swirly canyon wind, and plenty of semi trucks. What should have been a bit of a challenging drive was easy. The vehicle tracks straight and sway is significantly reduced, particularly in gusts. We are very pleased we made the upgrade, and very happy with the service we got from your team. Thanks and all the best…

Pete Heisinger

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These guys are great! I was having a problem with my RV wandering instead of tracking properly. I had already had a number of suspension mods done, so it should have been handling much better than it was. I had it aligned at a truck shop, but that didn’t help. So I asked the guys at Redlands to take a look at it. They weighed the front and immediately found that the front springs were the wrong size, so they replaced those with the correct ones. Then they spent over two hours precisely aligning the rig, including adding shims to modify the camber to suit the particular needs of my RV. What a world of difference that made! The rig drove right from the moment I took it out of the bay.

I should also mention that while they were doing the work, they let me hang out with them, watch their progress, and pester them with countless questions. Most mechanics would have thrown me out of the shop within minutes, but these guys love what they do, and they love to share their knowledge. I couldn’t have asked for better service or a better outcome. Keith, Mike, and the rest of you — thanks again!

A Google User

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Fabulous service!! I couldn’t recomment Redlands more!  We called on a Monday morning with the lights out on our RV, we were traveling through and needed to keep moving. They worked us in quickly, fixed the problem affordably and sent us on our way!!! Could not be happier! Friendly, prompt service! Thank you Redlands!!

Lisa B.

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After posting my last update, Keith Shomaker, owner of Redlands Truck and RV informed me that he would be refunding the entire purchase.  Today, I received the check as promised.  I must say that although we have had problems with our system, I must give kudos to Keith and Redlands Truck Service for upholding such a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.  These days, not too many businesses, especially small businesses would be willing to offer this.  Keith, thank you for your integrity.

Diane B.

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Redlands Truck Service replace my MCD windshield shade under warranty.  They did an excellent job while I waited. Every employee I came in contact with during the short time I was there was very courteous and professional.  The shop is extremely clean and well run.

Jerry R.

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Date of Service: 12/29/2014

Work Done On: Class A – Gasoline

Service Performed: Our Itasca Class A coach lost dash lights, and all rear driving lights. Diagnosed as a faulty switch, and replaced.

Evaluation: We called for service very last-minute and Chris worked us in so we could continue on our way through, the service guys were friendly, prompt and they got our coach in and out quickly at a very reasonable price! Top notch operation here! Highly recommend!

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Date of Service: 11/10/2014

Work Done On: Class A – Diesel

Service Performed: Was not satisfied with the handling of my 2015 Tiffin RED diesel pusher RV. Had them evaluate options. Replaced shocks, added rear stabilizer, added Safe-T Plus, full alignment, 4 corner weight and adjusted tire pressure. Other misc warranty work.

Evaluation: Very professional staff, very competent about all RV issues and options. The benefits of the handling enhancements were immediate and tell-tale was on uneven, concrete highways. Just took it for a 1 hour drive, but am confident that they’ve improved my handling significantly. Highly recommend this team!

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