Karen & Keith Shomaker

Karen & Keith Shomaker


Karen and Keith Shomaker are brother and sister first and business partners second. Both were born and raised in Redlands and attended Redlands schools from K through 12. Karen attended UCR and eventually graduated from Cal Poly Pomona as did Keith in the late 80’s.


Each share a unique passion to do what’s right and to take care of the customer and both of those traits were learned at the tutelage of their parents, Larry and Judy. Their father Larry was an Aerospace Engineer with Lockheed Corporation. Redlands Truck Service almost didn’t happen because due to an impending transfer, it was evident to both Larry and Judy that they would have to uproot the family in order to follow Lockheed back east. Instead they decided to quit the corporate world and look locally for an opportunity. As risky as it was with 3 young kids and no certain future, he and his wife Judy found Redlands Truck Service for sale and bought it in order to keep the family of 5 local.


Redlands Truck Service, at that time was a division of Redlands Express, a local delivery company for local industry giants like Lazy Boy furniture. When Larry and Judy purchased Redlands Truck Service, it was located only 3 blocks away from it’s current location.


Today’s Redlands Truck and RV is just off Redlands Blvd and it employs 10 full time technicians specializing in RV upgrades and repairs.

510 Amigos Drive

Redlands, CA 92373

(888) 249-0124

Hours: M – F 7am – 5pm

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