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Current Attractions at the Disneyland Hotel

The Off-Road Raceway (remote control cars) first opened at the Disneyland Hotel in 1982. In 1984 we were asked to replace an existing remote control boat attraction at the hotel with our equipment.

The new boat attraction was called The Queen's Berth and featured a detailed, sixteen-foot-long, 1/70 scale replica of the Queen Mary. From shore, players navigate their boats around miniature islands.

The house on the Fire Island catches fire when a player successfully docks his boat. The fog horn and strobe light are activated when players pass through the tunnel.

Over the years, The Queen's Berth and The Off-Road Raceway have been proven to be very popular attractions at the Disneyland Hotel with adults as well as kids. Combined, the two attractions average well over half a million plays every year.

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