Creative Team

Doug Williamson, President
In addition to overall responsibilities of the day to day business, Doug is one of the principal designers. He's involved in every step of the evolution of our products including conceptual design, clay models, pattern making, molds, and production.

Don Williamson, Vice President
Don's theatrical experience is only part of what he brings to Thola. Don is also an expert architect and mechanical draftsman. When he's not at the drawing board, he's supervising production.

For twenty-three years before forming Thola Productions in 1980, the Williamsons were key in the development of the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, California. Don was the Director for fourteen years and Doug headed up the sculpture department and created the sets. In 1978 both moved on to national and international acclaim in technical theater.

Bill Elgin, Operations Manager
Bill has more "on-site" experience than anyone on our staff. In addition to his position as Operations Manager, he's also responsible for new accounts and site evaluation. He also uses his extensive background in computer graphics to manage our graphics department.

Dave Simpson, Regional Manager
Once a new attraction is installed, Dave is responsible for staffing it and implementing routine procedures. With a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration he's well qualified to take care of any unexpected situations that may arise.

Ed Lipowski, Product Development Manager
We originally asked Ed to join the team back in 1989 during the Hovercraft project. As a graduate of GMC's five-year pattern making apprenticeship with four years of related training, Ed translates our designs into reality by overseeing pattern design and production of the many parts and pieces needed for each attraction.

Marina Kleppinger, Business Manager
Marina came on board as Business Manager in 1989. She handles all office management and administrative records, including bookkeeping, banking, insurance, payroll, and related taxes. She brought with her a wide range of experience as an administrative assistant, writer and juggler of responsibilities ranging from details to projects.

Computerized Processes Unlimited, Inc.
In 1986 Thola joined forces with CPU. The president of CPU, Bob Phillpott and his associates Steve Schmultz, Jim Bassich and Holden Barre combined their talents to create the special electronics and software needed to run the attractions, improve performance and closely monitor the day to day operations.

Maggie, Chief of Security
Although Maggie was originally added to the staff for companionship, she soon demonstrated her security prowess by warding off the UPS driver and the Sparklett's man. In 1990 she was promoted to her current position in our security department.

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