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In the spring of 1997, Knott's Berry Farm requested two remote control boat attractions. The first was called Tugboat Bay and was the centerpiece for their new roller-coaster called Wind Jammer.

Tugboat Bay was the first attraction to feature our exclusive ComputelligentTM technology. Because of the state-of-the-art control system, we were able to create sophisticated interactive islands that fit into Knott's Berry Farm's new boardwalk theme.

One island has a boat just off-shore that bursts into flames every time someone successfully docks their boat at the island. After a set amount of time, a nearby fireboat dowses the burning boat with water.

The other island has a working, miniature roller-coaster some 18 feet long (scaled to the boats of course) that is also triggered by players successfully docking their boat at the island.

After the successful opening of Tugboat Bay, Knott's asked us to create another boat attraction for their Camp Snoopy area. The new attraction is called Wilderness Bay (if the signs ever get changed) and also features our exclusive ComputelligentTM technology.

Because of the wilderness theme, an island was created with working waterfalls and a steam geyser that is triggered by players. A custom "Snoopy Monument" was also created to further enhance the theme of the island.

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